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Activated charcoal and biochar are solid, porous, tasteless, and black carbonaceous materials derived from a variety of carbon-rich biomass. Their production follows similar steps, except that an activation step is carried out to turn biochar into activated charcoal. They are characterized by well-developed pore structures, and large internal specific surface area, that enables them to adsorb gases, aqueous liquids, and poisons, thereby making them useful in diverse industrial, medical, and agricultural processes. In agriculture activated charcoal and biochar are used as soil and animal feed additives, in farm odor control, and to enhance the overall farm productivity. This book presents a body of information on the current uses of activated charcoal and biochar in the crop, livestock, and aquaculture farming. The book is written in a simple, and understandable format, with the goal being to simplify the available technical research information on the subject for the benefit of the general public. It is hoped that the readers will find the information contained in this book useful, both for business and daily activities.

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