Tropical Research Reference Platform

by Charles Ifeanyi Okoli (Author), Adive Boniface Udedibie (Eds.) (Author) Format: Kindle Edition

The increasing demand for cereal grains as major human food, their limited production in many tropical countries and their conventional use as raw materials in animal nutrition, has over the years spurred research on alternative ingredients for livestock feeding in these countries. As a major crop cultivated extensively in many tropical and sub-tropical countries, cassava has recently received a lot of research attention as a possible respite to this challenge, particularly for the poultry industry. Although the cassava root is high in energy, the presence of anti-nutritional factors, the dustiness of its flour, and low protein content constrain its use in poultry feeding. The innovative approaches to overcoming these constraints have been the subject of research at the Federal University of Technology Owerri, Nigeria over the last two decades. This book presents a body of information on the science and technologies of cassava and its products utilization in the poultry industry. Some practical results from the application of the techniques set forth in the book are also presented for the benefit of both small-scale and industrial-scale application. It is hoped that the current gaps existing in the use of cassava in poultry production would have been filled to a large extent by the information contained in this book.

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