Tropical Research Reference Platform

Handbook of Agricultural Waste Utilization: Bananas, Pineapple, cocoyam and Cassava

Kindle Edition

By Ifeanyi Charles Okoli

Large volumes of agricultural residues are generated from farming processes all over the world. Although traditionally they have been used as fertilizer, biofuel, animal feeds, and building material among many other location-specific uses, many rural farmers do not fully harness their potentials, therefore they may constitute environmental pollution problems. This book attempts to communicate the essential findings from recent tropical studies designed to enhance the utilization of agricultural residues in the feeding of farm animals for the benefit of the end-users. The major objectives are to enhance the access of industry end-users to such information for improved production, and to enhance the impact of science on the agricultural industries, and policymaking in the tropics. Although the articles were written with enough technical depth, farmers, and industrialists having background in agricultural, and allied sciences will find them useful.

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